Lay Servant Ministries

Lay Servant Ministries is an opportunity to equip laity in areas of scriptures, doctrine, organization and ministries of the church.

Lay Servants are to serve the local church or charge in any way in which their witness or leadership and service inspires the laity to deeper commitment to Christ and more effective discipleship. This includes the interpretation of scriptures, doctrine, organization, and ministries of the church.

Lay Servants are leadership among the laity who desire to be better equipped for service. The basic course serves as a platform and the advanced courses build upon that. Courses offered are in a wide range of areas of the ministry of the church. Those who go through the basic course can be an asset to their local church. It is a great model of how God does not call the equipped, but equips the called.

The Northwest District Lay Servant Director is Susan Kramer.  You may contact her at:

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Training Opportunities:

Lay Servant Academy at Mt Sequoyah:  March 10-11, 2017: Online Christian Education Lay Servant Ministries:

To receive credit for BeADisciple online classes, please email a copy of your certificate to Susan Kramer, Northwest District Lay Servant Director at or mail a copy to the Northwest District Office at 4010 Grand Avenue, Fort Smith, AR  72904.